Tamoxifen stopping

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    Tamoxifen stopping

    In order to use Medscape, your browser must be set to accept cookies delivered by the Medscape site. Medscape uses cookies to customize the site based on the information we collect at registration. The cookies contain no personally identifiable information and have no effect once you leave the Medscape site. Looking at a little understood yet common phenomenon—women discontinuing tamoxifen therapy early—French researchers found several factors caused women to interrupt treatment. These factors varied, depending upon when the women stopped therapy. Tamoxifen is a medicine used to treat hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, often in premenopausal women. It is given after primary treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy. Tamoxifen prevents the return of breast cancer by blocking estrogen from reaching estrogen receptors. The standard recommendation is to take tamoxifen for five years, although a major new study now suggests that giving it for 10 years increases benefits. Although tamoxifen is effective, many women stop taking it before they finish the full treatment course. Some may stop because of common side effects, such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and mood swings.

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    The major symptoms reported when stopping tamoxifen include hot flashes, weight gain, and emotional lability. The women most likely to be. Mar 22, 2011. Women who cut short their Tamoxifen treatment before the recommended full five years risk their breast cancer returning, experts warn. They found that women with low “adherence” stopping or taking it irregularly to tamoxifen had shorter time to cancer recurrence, increased.

    Her oncologist recently took her off Tamoxifen after her 5 year anniversary. And approximately two months after she was completely off the medication, she had what she thinks was a mild monthly period. She is 66 years old, and this naturally alarmed her. She immediately went to her oncologist who prescribed a series of tests. All of her blood work, ultrasounds, MRI's, etc turned out fine. However, he seems to think that this was not a menstrual cycle and wants her to visit an OB/GYN. She has made an appointment but has asked me to try to locate some information on withdrawal symptoms of Tamoxifen on the Internet. My mother also runs a breast cancer support group at the local cancer center and feels that this information would be helpful to the other women in the group. Could you possibly point me in the right direction to find this information? After 7.5 years of taking Tamoxifen daily, I made the decision to stop taking the prescription and I want to share my experience with you. Before I begin, I want to add that writing about my personal experience about Tamoxifen has been something I’ve grappled with sharing for awhile, because first and foremost, I do not want my experience to be viewed as any form of recommendation. Each cancer diagnosis, each woman, each cancer cell, each treatment plan is very specific and I do not want my personal experience to be deemed as any form of medical advice. What I do want to share is how my body reacted to quitting, so you have some sort of possible gauge as to what might happen to you if you are also considering quitting. When I was struggling with my decision to continue Tamoxifen or not, I found it quite difficult to find any first-hand accounts of this process, so I decided to keep a simple journal so that some day I could share my overall experience. To begin, I started Tamoxifen at the age of 36 and took it for 7.5 years. My oncologist gave his (slightly reluctant) blessing on my decision to quit before the 10 year mark. My original treatment plan was to be 5 years, however that same year I was looking forward to quitting, a new study came out that touted that 10 years was better.

    Tamoxifen stopping

    Tamoxifen Benefit Even After Therapy - WebMD, Women risk cancer returning by stopping Tamoxifen early - BBC News

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  6. I just quit about 8 weeks ago afeter 10 years of Tamoxifen. am post or pre menopausal as the tamoxifen stopped my periods although I have.

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    Harry Connick Jr.'s wife Jill Goodacre has been taking tamoxifen since her breast cancer surgery. Here are the facts on tamoxifen's side effects. Jan 22, 2007. MONDAY, Jan. 22, 2007 HealthDay News -- Nearly one-quarter of breast cancer patients stop taking the drug tamoxifen within the first year of. It stops estrogen from connecting to the cancer cells and telling them to grow and divide. While tamoxifen acts like an anti-estrogen in breast cells, it acts like an.

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